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Seaford Half Marathon - Terms & Conditions of entry EVENT ORGANISER:

The Event Organiser is the ‘Newhaven, Peacehaven and Seaford Lions Club’ (hereafter referred to as ‘NPS Lions’) who are part of the International Association of Lions Clubs. Lions are members of community service clubs, dedicated to the idea that the men and women who live in a community are in the best position to know who needs help and why. For more information please visit the NPS Lions web site.


By entering yourself (or on behalf of another applicant, you retain the responsibility to acquaint the participant of these conditions; please also see 'higher duty of care' note below for applicants under 18 years of age) into this event you accept that this event is conducted under the rules and conditions of The British AAA and agree to acquaint yourself with, and abide by those rules and any instructions issued by the organiser.

You declare that you are fit to take part in this event, and understand that you take part entirely at your own risk and relieve the organiser of any responsibility for injury, loss or damage sustained to either your person or property as a result of your participation. All competitors are required to ensure they are physically fit to take part and should consult a doctor or medical professional if there is any doubt.

Losses or damage to property is at the owners own risk during the event.


We are aware that applicants can be injured in training and may need to withdraw from a race. However, please understand that costs are incurred by the race organiser from the time of your entry being processed. For instance, facilities, services and goods have to be booked and paid for in advance. Therefore, to protect the event, a notice of intended withdrawal will be accepted for refund requests:

· Beforethe1st April2019-fullrefund(minusadminfee)
· From1st April2019-Norefundgiven
· (admin fee charge= £4.00)

The organiser may decide that due to unfavourable weather conditions prior to or on the day of the event, render part or an entire section/element of the course to be unsafe. Under such conditions the race organiser reserves the right to change / substitute / shorten the course and/or race type to ensure the event runs safely. No refunds will be possible. If an event is cancelled by the organiser (generally as a consequence of third party supply failures/unforeseen consequences, etc) an alternative date and/or venue will be arranged and offered to each competitor, who can choose to accept the new date or arrangement or qualify for a credit toward a future event of similar distance and value within the management of the organiser. PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING (by Seaford/Newhaven and Peacehaven Lions)

This event takes place entirely in areas deemed as ‘public places’ and as such, any video/pictures taken in this context are permitted under UK law. The purpose of this note is not to analyse or educate on the understanding of where the use of a camera may be deemed as inappropriate (ie: harassment), but rather the “confirmation of consent” given to the organiser for photography and video filming taken during the event which may be used for future advertising and/or marketing/promotional purposes and a selection of which may also be published on the NPS Lions website.


Guardians/parents applying for participants whose age is below 18 years at the time of application must be aware of the following: For junior participants whose age is below 18 years at the time of application, a higher duty of care exists and is maintained for the participant as the responsibility at that time of the person performing the transaction to complete the entry process. By definition, the card holder is 18 years or older and assumes the principle guardianship responsibility of consent and evaluation of suitability for participation from their knowledge of the individual.

This will include an understanding and implications of the health and endurance requirements to participate in this event, and an appreciation of an event’s race practices and course. It is expected that, for these situations, the card holder adds their detail prior to submitting the completed web application form. This does not infer that the duty of care remains wholly with the person conducting the transaction, but rather in their compelling judgment and responsibility in this issue. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult throughout the entire course.

NOTES; Day membership, under 18s, conditions of entry, 'I Accept' tick box:

How we use your information...

Information submitted through this web page or by using any form of paper/manual entry method is kept securely on computer and used only for the administration of your entry and participation in this event. These details will not be shared with any other person or third party except under the following situations:

· In administering your entry and based on the information you supply, your name, team/club detail will be published for each event entered in the web 'entries so far' page. This page is freely accessible from the organiser's home page by anybody with internet access.

· Where the '(tick) I do not want to receive news/info about other events and activities or permit my details being passed to the event sponsor' tick box has NOT been clicked, then it is assumed that you agree for your details to be passed to the event organiser for the purpose of generating 'information emails' or 'mail drops' for other events organised by Seaford Lions.

Additionally, the event sponsor may request address/email details to advertise their products or services upon which such sponsorship depends. Under no circumstances would your DOB or telephone contact detail be released for any reason.

Credit/Debit card details entered are handled independently by NoChex using 128 bit encryption technology over a secure connection (https) consistent with online transaction software.

The NPS Lions web pages and on-line entry form do not record or handle any credit/debit card detail. All credit/debit card detail is input directly to web pages operated during your session by NoChex who are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements (PCI DSS), further details of which can be found here and here.

Additional anti-fraud checks are made during the credit card handling stage using 3D Secure. 3D Secure can be thought of as an online version of 'Chip and Pin' technology, whereby the cardholder has a personalised password registered against their credit/debit card that is entered during the checkout process. Click on for more.


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